Are you different at home vs. work


I have been away from the blog for a while and and today is a great day to start again…

As I was washing my face this morning, I was thinking about the need one has to wear a mask or maybe we call it a split in personalities. Are you familiar with the saying, “You’re one person when you’re at work and different person when you’re home?” Why is that? Why can’t we be who we are in both places?

I took a long look in the mirror as I dried my face; my personality is the same at work and at home unlike so many others who seem to have a split in their personality between work and home. How about you? Is your personality the same or different? Let’s have a conversation about it; I am interested in your thoughts.

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4 responses to “Are you different at home vs. work”

  1. Good one…..I have to admit mine is split….I work in an environment that can, most of the time, be so formal. And there are those who cannot, or choose not, to understand a sense of humor. So, being the cut-up that I can often be, I have to use my "split" self when at work. Which is probably one of the reasons I love the end of the day – I can be me!

  2. Of course I have a twin! At home I can be Me, FREE!

    At work, there’s Rules of Engagement. To Careful not Stepping on toes, making the wrong enemies or friends. Cautious with trust! And please don’t intimidate your boss or insecure Co-workers by showing your Awesome Brain Power.

    But If you’re fortunately Nesting in a work environment that encourages individuality and you have the opportunity to “Be Yourself”, then it’s okay to Show your Real.

    In conclusion, there’s Personal and there’s Business! You have to be two different individuals. Much Love Sis!

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