The beginning of a journey…


My name is Alicia D. Logan and this is my first blog. I am passionate about playing a role in something that cause another person to smile.  Fortunately for me I share that same passion for Photography.  Photography has been a hobby for me since I was in my late teenage years and I am drawn to the beauty and uniqueness of faces.  You haven’t truly seen someone until you have seen them through the lens of a camera, what an amazing experience. Black and white images are my favorite along with photographing people.   In the last six to nine months, I  have started a journey to growth  into the artist side of myself.  This includes more documentary, landscape, nature and object type pictures.

The business name Kindness Of Life for me represents the kindness that is presented to each of us daily.  We just have to take a moment to recognize it and then cooperate with the positive emotions it brings.  So, this blog will include my Journey as an artist with photography and the joy kindness can bring to the giver and the receiver.

My first post to follow in a few days.

Our Mission: To make a positive impact on those with whom we communicate by recognizing special moments in time.


I hope this finds you smiling….




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  1. Wonderful blog! I’ve watched you on your journey and you are a great success. I look forward to more great things to come from you that will keep me “smiling”!!!!!!

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