The Dream Journey (part 1)

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I hope this finds you smiling….

I have been following the incredibly talented Jane Teresa Anderson of  The Dream Show for about a year.  Jane Teresa is a dream therapist, alchemist and a life coach. Recently I was selected to be a guest on the show and for my episode I selected February 22, 2012 from my dream journal.   I invite you to listen to the podcast as I explore the meaning of my dream and how Jane Teresa gives wonderful insight into the journey. This was truly a wonderful experience and the Carmine Series was born as a result. The Podcast is 54 minutes long, it can be down loaded, and will give insight into the art piece that is reveled in part 2.

In part 2 of the Dream Journey, I will share the experience of the art piece I created that actually reflects what I dreamed about.  The completion of this piece happened a couple of weeks after I recorded for the dream show. The start of this piece occurred in March of 2009 and hangs in my studio today.

Happy listening!

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