The Dream Journey (part 2)

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I hope this finds you smiling….

If you had an opportunity to listen to the podcast in The Dream Journey (part 1), you know my dream started out as a mystery and it was somewhat of a dream theme with the color red.  As we traveled the journey of the dream, I  encounter my friend Debra who guides me to a hallway.  In this gallery style hallway, black and white images with a red overlay are revealed. Like a child in a candy store, my eyes widen and  I am filled with excitement .  There are three images on each side of the wall with one side being men and the other being women.  The faces looked very distinguished with lots of wisdom in their eyes and faces.  However, I wasn’t sure who these distinguished faces were. When I turned to ask my friend Debra if the images were significant to her, she was no longer there.  As I continue my journey through the gallery,  I came to a door that opened and I stepped outside.  I am overwhelmed with  excitement about the theme of the images that I just admired.  It’s night time and I am now standing on the side of my house looking at my neighbors garage light.  It’s interesting that I am specifically looking at Carmen’s garage light.  In Carmen the movie the main character wore a red dress and Carmine is the color of red.  This is how I arrived at the Carmine Series.  After slowly exhaling from the excitement, I proceeded to happily walk down the hill in my backyard with my flashlight to plant something and I am joyful about planting whatever it is.  How stimulating to know that I am unconsciously, via my dream,  planting seeds as  a part of my life is undergoing growth and all I have to do is nurture it and watch it actualize.

What I didn’t share in that podcast is when I woke up and wrote the dream down, I knew the exact picture I needed to put the red overlay on and I tried it right away.  The results weren’t quite right, with disappointment I left it alone for a few weeks and went on to create the Carmine Series. After being a guest on the Dream Show, I still wasn’t able to get the picture out of my mind.  So, I played around with it again and was finally able to produce the actual theme from the dream.  The moment I got it right, every part of my being became  balance  just like when I produced the image three years ago. I can’t even begin to explain the awesome experience that occurred when the final piece came together. I realized the part that wasn’t quite right was a vital part of the process.   The  three pieces are called Fear Series and with small adjustments to the same image it takes you from darkness to enlightenment to love.  I have decided to make them  limited edition, signed and numbered pieces.

Paying attention to this dream and all the different emotions that occurred,  lead me  in the direction of producing both the Carmine and the Fear series. Paying attention to your dreams may also give you insight into the various areas of your life.

It’s with great joy that I share with you the Fear Series.

The 1st  black and white image I took 3 years ago, the 2nd  image is the first try at the red overlay and the 3rd image is the final art piece (results from the dream).


Fear – this was taken in March of 2009 for a class project. At the time, I consider it my first art piece and it hangs in my studio.  “It is a mother’s fear covered in darkness.”



This next piece in the Fear Series is enlightenment flowing in.  “A fear that is being extracted while enlightenment flows in.”

Covered in the blood of Jesus

The final piece of the Fear Series is Red Love. ” A fear that is turned into strength and power as it is now covered with the blood of Jesus.