Naked Beauty

Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 in Kindness, Photography | 8 comments

As a result of society pressures, women often feel that they are not pretty enough, skinny enough or sexy enough.  When was the last time you got out of the shower and looked at yourself in the mirror naked as you dry off? Or do you avoid the mirror all together?  I am here to tell you, “You are beautiful!” Look and admire everything from head to toe.   What part of your body do you adore? You must think of at least one!

Let me share a boudoir shoot experience with you. I have shot several boudoir shoots and the experience with a recent client was very enlightening and took me on a journey I didn’t expect.  I had a client like most, who was a little shy when it came to her body.   In other areas of her life she is completely out spoken.  What made this experience different for me was how I started to view my canvas in the middle of this shoot. My journey with photography and seeing the beauty within has been easy. I am inspired by what I see behind the lens and drawn to all facial features by instinct and the depth in a person’s eyes is amazing to me.  During this particular shoot, I became conscious that I focus on individual body parts, like the feet, arms, the butt, breasts, a shoulder, etc, to capture an image that will produce beautiful wall art.  As I journey through this shoot I started to see the entire body, in whole, as a work of art.  The transformation was awesome and I was truly present for this understanding.  In the moment of one click, something in my mind, body and spirit shifted in unison. It was like allowing light into the dark corner of the room and finding that corner has beautiful butterflies painted on it. In that instant I saw my entire naked canvas as a work of art and not just distinct compositions.

I was also able to witness a transformation in my client that was so powerful.  Halfway through the shoot I gave her a peak at one of her photos on my camera and that was an instant game changer.  It’s like having a speaking engagement and being terrified to present and after you do, it becomes the most amazing experience.  What makes it amazing is that you are already equip with the material and  knowledge on the subject matter, the shift is all about how you feel about the material and your delivery of it.  Basically, changing your perception of your body and believing that your assets are beautiful.

Through this experience I came to know that a sexy boudoir shoot is more than pictures in sexy lingerie, it’s very empowering and increases self-esteem and changes the perception of your own body image.   It usually starts out as a gift to a love one and turns into an amazing love of your body on a level you never experienced before.   What’s amazing about this for me is that my client’s transformation directly affected my shift and elevated my vision for boudoir experiences.

The kindest thing we can do is invest in ourselves. If a sexy photo shoot is something you have thought about but fear is holding you back, take a girl friend with you help relax your nerves and have an amazing experience.  No matter the age or weight you can look hot and fabulous in photographs while elevating your self-esteem to new altitudes!

I hope this finds you smiling….



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