Author: ADLogan

  • Naked Beauty

    Naked Beauty

    As a result of society pressures, women often feel that they are not pretty enough, skinny enough or sexy enough.  When was the last time you got out of the shower and looked at yourself in the mirror naked as you dry off? Or do you avoid the mirror all together?  I am here to…

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  • The Dream Journey (part 2)

    The Dream Journey (part 2)

    I hope this finds you smiling…. If you had an opportunity to listen to the podcast in The Dream Journey (part 1), you know my dream started out as a mystery and it was somewhat of a dream theme with the color red.  As we traveled the journey of the dream, I  encounter my friend…

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  • The Dream Journey (part 1)

    The Dream Journey (part 1)

    I hope this finds you smiling…. I have been following the incredibly talented Jane Teresa Anderson of  The Dream Show for about a year.  Jane Teresa is a dream therapist, alchemist and a life coach. Recently I was selected to be a guest on the show and for my episode I selected February 22, 2012…

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  • The beginning of  a journey…

    The beginning of a journey…

    Photography has been a hobby for me since I was in my late teenage years and I am drawn to the beauty and uniqueness of faces. You haven’t truly seen someone until you have seen them through the lens of a camera, what an amazing experience.

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